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12th 2009f July 2009

Posted in: HeadPlay,Post Orgasm Cock Torture,Ruined Orgasms,Titjob

Taylor nestles in close with those spectacular real breasts so you can witness two of her specialties Thumbing & Bleeding an Orgasm. As sexy as she is cruel in this Tease & Denial with expertly ruined orgasm.

Double Jerk

Taylor`s Big Tit Thumbed & Bled Ruined Orgasm

04th 2009f April 2009

Posted in: HeadPlay,Post Orgasm Cock Torture,Ruined Orgasms,Titjob

Taylor proves without a doubt that cockteasing is an art and and in this terrific sexy and cruel clip she uses all sorts of weapons. She starts off using a timer for focused headplay and some surprise cockslapping to keep him on edge. She threatens various ways she will ruin his euphoric experience by fucking up the orgasm including making a tight seal with her spectacular breast. After she ruins the ending there is a post orgasm torture wrestling match

Double Jerk

Taylor’s Heaven & Hell Handjob

30th 2008f November 2008

Posted in: HeadPlay,Post Orgasm Cock Torture,Ruined Orgasms

Taylor gets a bit messy as she teases a cock using yogurt. Well actually thats also how she denies because every time he is about to cum she sploshes on some more ice cold yogurt to cool him off. Taylor also coats her breasts and teases him that she is going to give him a messy titjob with her all natural breasts. The Pent up explosion that is waiting after the HOT/COLD treatment is violent and massive but Taylor calmly ruins it! And then she ruins it again and again stopping huge streams of backed up cum and making it wait even longer. Amazingly ending to this clip!

Wam T&D

Taylor`s WAM Tease & Denial Handjob