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02nd 2009f January 2009

Posted in: footjob,HeadPlay,Post Orgasm Cock Torture,Ruined Orgasms

This is a special clip. Its not staged or scripted in any way. Its a real filmed session with Maya, Taylor and a slave. The slave was constantly edging as he starts off getting titsmothered by Taylor as Maya put her feet up on his chest and gave him a skilled handjob. Taylor then showed Maya a trick to “take the edge off” with this slave–HARD COCKSLAPPING! He needed a lot of it to keep from cumming in this dream session and they provided it for him. They must slap his cock HARD 80 times! A double footjob was to follow and then Mistress Taylor strokes him off while Maya rubs his balls with her feet. Well that did it and soon he was cumming and then Maya surprises even Taylor by slapping her foot over the end of his cock as she has become fond of ruining orgasms. Taylor runs with this and won’t let go as the session ends in a wrestling match as Maya and Taylor shriek with glee at the horrible way they ended such a sexy terrific
orgasm denial Session.

Foot Session Cock Tease with Orgasm RUINED not Spoiled