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29th 2008f November 2008

Posted in: HeadPlay,Post Orgasm Cock Torture,Ruined Orgasms

Taylor was in an obnoxious mood during this video. She realized the guy was terrified of anyone touching the hole in the head of his cock so she repeatedly tries to stick a small vibrator down it. In the meantime, there is lots of orgasm denial handjob action ending in a countdown for the slave to cum when she reached 1 starting at 30. Instead of cumming like requested at 1, he came at 24 and she continues to stroke as he is cumming paying special attention to his head. She never stopped and insisted on completing the countdown. Taylor continued to manipulate his cock focusing on his head as she finished slowly counting to 1. He really freaks out with this but has no choice but to endure her final torture.

Orgasm Denial POV by Taylor

Orgasm Denial POV by Taylor

Countdown To Terror