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04th 2008f December 2008

Posted in: HeadPlay,Post Orgasm Cock Torture,Ruined Orgasms

Just when you thought it was safe to get jerked off by Mistress Taylor she takes you on a ten minute hell ride through physical and mental abuse. She starts right in jerking hard and talking shit. She says that you are so lame you won’t last 2 minutes. He doesn’t and the whole 2 minutes she is talking right to him and saying how lame he is that he can’t take the pressure even when he’s being insulted. But that is just foreplay and she never lets go of the cock and she never stops letting him know how cool he is. Great handjob, forced orgasm, ruined orgasm, post orgasm cock torture and various other abuses..

Humiliation & Abuse

Non-Stop Abuse Fast Jack and Torture Handjob