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24th 2011f May 2011

Posted in: HeadPlay,Honey White,Post Orgasm Cock Torture,Titjob

Two college girls lure their professor over to their apartment. He thinks they actually want him but all they want is his sperm, a slave and A’s. They force his cum out to use against him if he does not go along with the plan. Half shot POV as though you are the professor.


We Need A’s

09th 2011f January 2011

Posted in: HeadPlay,Honey White,Post Orgasm Cock Torture,Titjob

Honey teases the slave until he is ready to explode then takes his cock out of his pants and threatens him to return his cock to chastity. Lots teasing, then plenty of oral T & D and tease between her perfect tits. She rips open her black latex pants and teases his cock with her pussy grinding over the tip. After more oral and ass tease, she finally denies her hand and mouth and makes him jack himself off to her ass. She instructs him as to when he can and cannot stroke it. He cums against her wishes and she grabs his cock for some deserved post orgasm cock torture then returns with a brand new chastity device.


Honey’s Sensual Oral Cock Control Teasing Handjob with POT

01st 2010f October 2010

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POV tease and denial with hot latin big breast pornstar Jaylene Rio. She keeps your cock on edge the entire scene teasing you with her giant perfect breasts. She both teases and humiliates you then milks you onto her hand and feeds you all your cum.


Jaylene Rio: Big Tit Cock Control Tease


08th 2010f May 2010

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In the first 8 minutes of this clip Mistress Taylor has this loser on the edge begging to cum. He spent the last three minutes of the clip wishing he never came.Taylor extends and destroys his orgasm through , Dictating and Thumbing.


Store Room Tease and Denial Three Minute Ruined Orgasm


09th 2010f February 2010

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Harley talks right to YOU telling and showing you EXACTLY what she is going to do to you when she gets home and takes off your CHASTITY device.

Double Jerk

Harley’s POV Chastity Tease and DENIAL Plans for YOU


10th 2010f January 2010

Posted in: HeadPlay,Post Orgasm Cock Torture,Ruined Orgasms,Titjob

This is a very sexy tease and denial where Kandi completely controls her slave keeping him on edge. There is tons of teasing/denial, and when he finally is allowed to cum you think all things are good for about 10 seconds of his orgasm and things change very quickly. ( also included biting, and some very painful post orgasm torture slapping punching etc.)

Double Jerk

Kandi’s Uncaged Toy

12th 2009f July 2009

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Taylor nestles in close with those spectacular real breasts so you can witness two of her specialties Thumbing & Bleeding an Orgasm. As sexy as she is cruel in this Tease & Denial with expertly ruined orgasm.

Double Jerk

Taylor`s Big Tit Thumbed & Bled Ruined Orgasm

06th 2009f June 2009

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Taylor is particularly mean in this handjob but is able to do that by edging this guy’s cock right away and then keeping him there for the duration of the clip. Her terrificly skilled and soft hands easily put her in complete control and when she wants that “extra edge” she slides his cock between her delicious real breasts. She cools him off when he thinks he’s going to cum by trying to insert her long fingernail into the end of his cock and YES this is the guy THAT HATES THAT MORE THAN ANYTHING!

Double Jerk


04th 2009f April 2009

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Taylor proves without a doubt that cockteasing is an art and and in this terrific sexy and cruel clip she uses all sorts of weapons. She starts off using a timer for focused headplay and some surprise cockslapping to keep him on edge. She threatens various ways she will ruin his euphoric experience by fucking up the orgasm including making a tight seal with her spectacular breast. After she ruins the ending there is a post orgasm torture wrestling match

Double Jerk

Taylor’s Heaven & Hell Handjob

09th 2008f December 2008

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This may be the most requested clip ever for Mistress Taylor but she has finally shot a fast all natural forced orgasm titjob. He cums so fast she has time to include some post orgasm torture on his cock using her unbelievable breasts.

Four Minute Forced Orgasm Titjob